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Smile William finished school in 2005 after a busy year studying, helping lead the school's Social Justice Group (as a prefect) and playing tuba and bass trombone respectively in the school's "symphonic" and stage bands. In 2005 he joined Willougby Junior Band as a tuba player, and played with them at several events including the 2006 National Band Championships in Brisbane.

After finishing school William travelled to Guernsey (UK) to spend Christmas with Liz and Abby, then to travel with her to France, Germany and Switzerland, finishing off with a week on his own in Italy.

William was offered a place to study at the University of New South Wales in a combined Engineering/ Science degree. William deferred his study so that he could sail with David, Penny and family friend Charlie to Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands until the end of June 2006. He then travelled to Borneo to a small town named Buduk Nur, one of the villages that make up Ba'Kelalan, populated by the Lun Bawang people. He spent three months there as an assistant English teacher in the villages' school. After that, he travelled around Malaysia and Singapore for a month before returning home to Australia.

During 2007 he was able to fit in a trip over to New Caledonia during his mid- semester break. He had time to see some of the attractions around Noumea before he had to fly home to continue his studies. Despite never having bought a lotto ticket, he is expecting a windfall in that competition in late 2008 which will allow him to further pursue his degree in ridiculous amounts of travel.
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William began his University career in 2007, living in shared accommodation at Kensington. After outstanding ( according to his ever- loving parents) results he was accepted for International House, where he is currently enjoying the opportunity to meet other students from many other parts of the world. He adjusted his course to take up Mechanical Engineering and for his Science Major settled on Oceanography.

William's tuba playing continues, being a playing member of both UNSW 's Orchestra and Wind Band, having recently attained his eighth grade AMEB certificate, as well as continuing his involvement with Willoughby's Senior Band. He is a keen kayaker around the waters of Pittwater and helps out with Vinnies Night Patrol in the city when they are short of assistants. He is very much looking forward to Paul and Ange's wedding, and also to the wedding of Julia Decates and Lindsay Holmwood, at which he will be best man.

Lord Howe Island- A Great Spot!
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